About BlueRio’s Hawk Collaborative

As the Chief Strategist, Social Entrepreneur, Coach and Founder at BlueRio Strategies, I have dreamed for many years of another way to engage like-minded professionals in order to make deep impact on the community we live in.  “Sage Solutions for Social Impact.” This developed into The Hawk Collaborative, a way to pool talents and resources to help our community. It is a future Think Tank and collaboration portal.  The initial cause was focused on the reintegration of military veterans into the civilian sector. We are now moving into resilience in general.

The intention is to begin in 2017 – 2018 research and development of strategies used to assist and support individuals, teams and eventually communities in resilience building.  In the meantime we offer affordable training for coaches and those who want to become coaches, as well as compassionate and sound solutions for human development, leadership and organization effectiveness.

BlueRio and others in the Hawk Collaborative will support nonprofits, academic programs, social entrepreneurs & social enterprises. Many of our current and future partners and contributors offer solutions that are grounded in neuroscience, IPNB, organization development and the belief that a more civil, compassionate world can also produce effective, successful, creative and strategic systems and people.

Efforts primarily are focused on resilience-building. Initially offerings cover support and training for professional coaches, individuals interested in resilience, military to civilian transition. Future services will cover research, support and potential solutions for those dealing with neuro-diversity (neurobiological challenges/illness)  i.e. autism, anxiety disorder, TBI affected persons and sustainability. I have a deep affection also for supporting other agencies who invest in social sustainability — these are people or groups who develop creative solutions to empower communities.

When the Think Tank takes shape more fully – I intend to create foundations for research and implementation of solutions and strategies to increase resilience among community groups, organizations and individuals through consulting and coaching efforts.

BlueRio’s Hawk Collaborative believes in strategic, yet mindful and caring tools to help others succeed. You can join our discussion in our linkedin group by visiting this link.

And please stop by the parent company to learn more about our volunteer advisors.

  • Dominic Silvani – Advisor for Training Programs
  • Elizabeth Braun – Advisor for Program Development, also former Teacher’s Assistant for Various Programs
  • James Howard – General Advisor
  • Sarah Serbinski – Advisor for Strategy and Research, Teacher’s Assistant for Leadership and Resilience Courses
  • Shawn Jones – Advisor for Resilience Programs


So what exactly is the GOAL of the Hawk Collaborative?

Offer research and application of IPNB-inspired or aligned services (coaching, consulting, training, counseling)

In the following areas:

  • Resilience Building
  • Leadership development ( brand-centered sustainability & neuro-infused, resilient)
  • Trauma/conflict support (as it pertains to community or enterprise)
  • Career & Life Mapping

I envision that some of this will be done by practitioners collaborating on projects. Also some objectives will be accomplished by training OTHER practitioners.

In this vein, the mission began with the first USA, CCE-Approved coach certification program to train individuals to specifically focus on serving military veterans. It is called Hawk Eye Coach Training. (visit www.coachesforveterans.com for more info.) Following that were BCC- Approved CE course for professional coaches and most recently an online course in Resilience-building that is offered to both non-professional coaches ( members of the public) and certified coaches.

What is IPNB?

Interpersonal neurobiology weaves research from these areas into a consilient framework that examines the common findings among independent disciplines.  This framework provides the basis of interpersonal neurobiology. The mind is defined and its components necessary for health are illuminated….” Dr. Dan Siegel

At its core, interpersonal neurobiology holds that we are ultimately who we are because of our relationships…. that how people interact affects the growth and health of the brain and the mind. Dr. Seigel defines the mind as “ an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information.”

Our brains are constantly rewiring themselves. All relationships change the brain, particularly the most intimate ones. It used to be that experts believed experiences defined who we are and that definition is created  early on in life. IPNB proposes that our brains are constantly being reshaped by new relationships and that because of that our brains and our minds have the chance – the ability – the opportunity to heal, to grow and to thrive!!

And what is  BCS™ (AKA Brand-Centered Leadership and Brand-Centered Sustainability?

Brand-Centered Sustainability (BCS) – A mindful approach that connects people to inspired, accountable visions and results in attuned, compassionate leadership and healthy growth.

Brand-Centered Sustainability™ and Brand-Centered Leadership™ refers to the infusion of the brand essence into all facets of an organization or a person’s life. The brand essence, also considered the meaning behind a person or a company – the details of what the brand is about – what it (she/he) stands for – what values drive its behavior or outward appearance – what makes it different —this is the glue that binds intentions, aspirations and behavior. And when intentions are driven by realistic goals, accountable leadership and inspired visions that connect to the brand – sustainable success can be achieved. This can be applied most successfully to double and triple bottom line organizations and cause-focused individuals.

  • Traditional bottom-line = purely financial profits
  • Double bottom-line = people and profits
  • Triple bottom-line = people, planet and profits

I was very honored to deliver a webinar on this topic to a global audience. You can watch the recorded version here:




Stop Soldier Suicide, "filling the gap” that exists in helping military Veterans or active duty connect with help.

Stop Soldier Suicide, “filling the gap” that exists in helping military Veterans or active duty connect with help.

Announcing a new partnership with Stop Soldier Suicide, a national nonprofit headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Stop Soldier Suicide is the first national civilian not-for-profit organization dedicated to preventing active duty and Veteran suicide.